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Making of the new MKN #mychoice film


We're at the new restaurant Klinker, run by young chef Marianus von Hörsten in Hamburg! He and his two partners, Aaron Hasenpusch and Claudia Steinbauer are opening the restaurant in charming 1920s Bauhaus style in May this year.
It's the ideal filming location for us for the new #mychoice film which is going to be released in summer. The film shows the diverse demands made on a restaurant chef as well as a chef in community catering, but I don't want to give too much away here.
The first sequences are being shot today with the "echtrund" film crew from Braunschweig and chefs at the restaurant Klinker. 
The restaurant's kitchen equipment, made by MKN, plays the leading role. 
The open kitchen is equipped with a MasterLine cooking suite and 2 SpaceCombis. 
As I don't often come in contact with film productions and shooting schedules at my office in Wolfenbüttel, I'm really impressed to see how the first sequences are put together for just a two-minute film. It takes hours of work to produce a couple of seconds of film material and I constantly get to hear, "Go again!" or "Perfect, but let's go for another take!" The highlight of this long day was definitely savouring the delicious menu later in the evening. In the film you'll see a fully booked restaurant as we invited 26 extras to join us, friends and colleagues of the restaurant owners and MKN. 
Two more days of shooting are planned and I'll be sure to keep you posted about these as well! 
Stay tuned! 

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