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MKN MasterLine – designed to perform

Discover the MasterLine by MKN. German quality meets its fullest potential. Design and functionality merge into a perfect symbiosis customized to your needs and taking your kitchen into a world of boundless possibilities. Every small detail of our MasterLine represents 100 % MKN from the first idea to the finished product, all passionately designed, manufactured and produced in Wolfenbüttel. At MKN, we stand for lifetime reliability and are committed to building a better and more sustainable world for future generations. Experience excellence, creativity and innovation all in our hands.

The new MKN MasterLine

German precision meets customized excellence

Raised safety rims with rounded corners

More safety, functionality and advanced design to make your daily kitchen routine easier and more efficient

Individual colour options

… for the one piece control panel with customised design (optional). Personalise your cooking block and create a uniform appearance.

Drip edge for worktop overhangs

Liquids can be drained off effectively. This ensures improved cleanliness and hygiene and also minimises the risk of slipping due to spills.

Welded functional appliances

Appliances with oil-tight welds and a seamless 3 mm hygienic countertop including 3 mm reinforcement profiles for significantly improved hygiene and durability.

Drawn base collar between shelf and hygienic countertop

A seamless transition from the shelf support to countertop ensures maximum hygiene. The 3 mm thick countertop and shelf support are seamlessly aligned optimising cleaning procedures.




100% MKN


It's all MKN – 100 % inside and out! Designed and manufactured for you with utmost care and dedication in Wolfenbüttel. Outstanding quality and reliability – created for the entire world of cooking.

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MasterLine – Our green highlights

Energy-saving MKN induction technology

with energy-efficient hob

MKN induction hobs boast an impressive 90 % efficiency, which means that 90 % energy is transferred directly into heating the cookware. The result is extremely efficient energy utilisation, minimum energy loss and virtually no heat emission into the room at all. Eco-friendly and cost-effective cooking!


MKN Vitro range with ceramic hob

with automatic pan detection

The Vitro ceramic hob, heated by efficient 300 x 300 mm radiant heating elements enhances safety and comfort in your kitchen. The integrated overheat protection with automatic power reduction protects against damage, while the energy-saving, manually switchable pan detection system minimises energy consumption. In addition, the variable temperature control for each heating zone allows you to adjust heat precisely, guaranteeing you a flexible and energy-efficient cooking experience.


MKN Vapro energy system

Fast, energy-saving steam generation in MKN quick boiling kettles

MKN quick boiling kettles equipped with the MKN VAPRO energy system have a steam generator which, compared to the conventional heating method, facilitates faster energy transfer due to its significantly lower filling capacity. This means faster boiling times with a smaller amount of water, leading to considerable energy savings.


MKN PowerBlock® & SUPRA

High-tech team

The MKN PowerBlock®, embedded in a number of our electric frying appliances, combines special sandwich material with the efficient SUPRA heating system for an outstanding performance. Its 12 mm thick, extremely heat-resistant special steel stores heat efficiently, facilitating rapid heating and even heat distribution. Benefit from short heating times, high efficiency and energy savings as heat is retained in the MKN appliances thanks to insulated pans, lids, kettles and containers.


Fan-forced gas burner technology

The eco-friendly burner technology

Benefit from our innovative fan forced burner technology which offers you considerable savings: With up to approx. 90 % energy efficiency in accordance with DIN 18855, it significantly reduces your gas consumption and emissions, not only giving you cost benefits but also making a contribution to environmental protection.  





MasterLine Brochure


Learn all about the endless application possibilities with the MasterLine and its fascinating features in our current brochure. Dive into a world of innovation and creativity. Download your brochure now and discover the uniqueness of the MKN MasterLine.