Matt Healy: The Beehive x MKN

MKN products were recently used in the kitchen in, award-winning chef, Matt Healy’s latest restaurant opening. 

The Beehive, in Thorner, is Healy’s latest investment after opening The Foundry and Gron Kafe, all of which are placed in West Yorkshire. Healy’s other restaurant, The Foundry, was voted Britain’s Best Sunday Lunch, so The Beehive naturally adopted the same Sunday menu for this venue. Due to the size of the finishing kitchen, the restaurant required a compact yet high-performing appliance that would be able to cope with the volume of meals, especially on a Sunday. 

Matt Healy said: “I was looking for a compact unit but one that was really quick and effective.”

The former MasterChef UK runner-up had always known about MKN, following 20 years in the industry. Matt Healy said: “I first heard about MKN through word of mouth; I’ve always been aware of them but wasn’t fully aware of everything they did, because they do have such a vast range of equipment.” But, it was MKN’s SpaceCombi® that tempted the Yorkshire-born chef, he said: “I needed a piece of equipment that could still give me the capacity to use the equipment that I’ve already got, such as the 1/1 Gastronorm trays. “I don’t think there’s anything else on the market that can accommodate that.” MKN’s SpaceCombi® has helped the restaurant cater to ample custom through its ability to accommodate several different cooking processes at one time. Matt Healy added: “The fact that it is a combi oven means it can switch from steam, to dry as well as a combination of the two. That really helps with the production on a Sunday and it helps us get more people through the door.” 

The chef has been more than happy with the service received. Matt said: “I would absolutely recommend MKN and the service provided: from the initial meeting to installation, commissioning and the training - all were second to none.”

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