Interview with Rob Purdie

Curtains up for sensational space-saving appliances
MKN SpaceCombi Team and SpaceCombi Magic Team

Meet the two new stars of MKN's professional combi steamer range:  SpaceCombi Team and SpaceCombi Magic Team. In an interview with Josh Caddick from Walnut Creative, UK our Regional Manager UK, Rob Purdie talks about MKN's new innovative appliances. These are fully tailored to face the many and varied present day challenges in professional kitchens.

Ever smaller kitchens offer limited workspace for food preparation, yet still have to cater to increasingly diverse customer requirements posed by new eating habits and food trends. Adapted to market demand, new sales concepts are emerging that are subject to strict hygiene regulations. Restaurant operators often have to rely on untrained personnel and temporary staff to meet these challenges.   

Our MKN SpaceCombi Team appliances are specially designed to meet these requirements. They not only save space, but are also incredibly flexible, simple to operate, energy efficient and easy to clean. With an astoundingly slim width of only 55 cm they are fully fledged professional combi steamers offering 1/1 GN capacity without compromising any of their many technical features.

Find out in our informative interview with Rob Purdie how our MKN Guided Cooking concept guarantees consistent food quality every day and even scores points with inexperienced staff in the food service sector. On top of that, you also discover why the SpaceCombi Magic Team offers you endless possibilities for your culinary creativity.

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