MKN Combi Steamers

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Forget everything you have learnt about combi steamers so far! Think outside the box like MKN does. It's how we have created innovative combi steamers to facilitate new and intelligent cooking processes. Uncompromising quality, innovative features and an impressive package of user benefits. The chef always takes centre stage, whether he's using the intuitive operating system, safe automatic cleaning or FlexiCombi's crosswise insertion with significantly increased capacity. Experience our two combi steamer lines, FlexiCombi and SpaceCombi, live. Uncompromisingly different as you should never settle for less than the best!


*compared to GN 1/1


Different is better




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Performance does!

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Simply different

Discover the difference

Step by step cooking instructions for perfect results. Sharing the head chef's expertise.

As head chef, you'd probably like to give your staff precise instructions without having to constantly stand next to them. ChefsHelp lets you give step by step cooking instructions. Texts and images appear where relevant,  illustrating processes perfectly and eliminating errors. So, you can share your culinary expertise with others every day.

WaveClean Life Time Protection System

Completely clean with one cartridge only

To start, just insert a cartridge!

Complete interior cleaning

Manual cleaning is never required

WaveClean® two-in-one cartridges

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Our energy concept

Optimized efficiency

Triple glazed

and fully insulated: Heat stays inside!

Heat Exchanger

Heat efficiency as standard

Motor Technology

Energy consumption of motor reduced by 40%*

*compared to previous technology, size 10


Consumption display (energy & water) appears after each cooking process.

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With MKN combi steamer accessories

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