Material Compliance factory standard

The purpose of this material compliance Standard is to ensure material-compliant handling of substances and articles in development, production, trade and use.

This material compliance standard describes the requirements of MKN Maschinenfabrik Kurt Neubauer GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as MKN) in terms of all known legally prohibited, regulated and declarable substances in the current form.

If any legal changes are not yet shown in this standard or laws are not included, this does not release the supplier from the obligation to take these legal changes / laws into account and to comply with the current, respectively applicable, legal requirements.

The supplier is obliged to obtain the respective current guideline, laws and standards himself.

Material compliance requirements apply equally with all other product requirements.

The material compliance standard requires all products and their packaging to meet the requirements of the necessary current guidelines, laws and standards to ensure their compliant marketing.

Articles, products, materials and raw materials of unknown origin and / or composition or raw materials for which insufficient material data are available may not be used.

In individual cases, the technical data sheets of all raw materials and auxiliary materials used shall be submitted to MKN for initial sampling upon request. MKN reserves the right to carry out tests and laboratory examinations on materials in individual cases.

The supplier of MKN is obliged to provide the material information required to verify compliance with the legal requirements and this standard free of charge.

The supplier is required to file the requested material data information, preferably in the DataCross platform, or make it available to MKN in other ways.

The complete material compliance standard is documented in the following file.