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Cooking in professional kitchens is an everyday challenge all over the world.  That's why we demand the highest quality possible when it comes to innovations, multifunctional solutions and perfectly designed products. We keep a keen eye on all of the kitchen processes with the aim of achieving perfect interaction of all components. The result is intelligent professional cooking equipment boasting increased efficiency, high performance operation and optimum customer benefit. Our expertise and knowhow, enhanced with a pile of passion, enable us to find individual solutions which will impress you in every respect.

Made in Germany

Reliability is our definition of quality

"Quality begins by placing customer satisfaction at the centre of our thinking." This quote by American IBM Manager John F. Akers aptly describes what quality means to us at MKN. It is much more than just manufacturing outstanding cooking equipment. It's a promise of customer satisfaction and reliability within a lifetime partnership. We rely on advanced manufacturing systems to achieve our goals and have established a sound basis for producing innovative products to make your work easier and which you can rely on. State-of-the-art production technology, masterful craftmanship and innovative design. Trust in a strong brand and join our MKN world of cooking.


Always one step ahead of customer needs

Ongoing evolution dictates how we think and act at MKN. This goes for our customers, employees and the environment. As a thriving, well-organized, medium-sized company we are in a position to think long-term, focusing on innovation and staying in line with market demands.

Our many years of experience as well as good intuition about what chefs around the world need means that our specialists are working constantly on new, innovative products. This culminates in completely new solutions which not only set new standards and allow us to play an active role in market development, but also make the lives of our customers easier at the same time. We can't wait to find out what's at the top of your list!

MKN wins "North Germany's Export Oscar Award"

MKN was presented with the Lower Saxony Foreign Trade Award, "North Germany's Export Oscar", for its intensive international activities and outstanding entrepreneurial achievements in foreign trade.

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Best of Market 2018 for MKN technology

The B&L Media publishing company has presented MKN with the "Best of Market 2018" award in the category "Process Optimization - Technology". We are particularly proud of this achievement as the readers of the respective trade magazines have confirmed in an online survey that they are really able to optimize their processes using MKN equipment.

MKN is GGKA Bestpartner

During the Intergastra trade show in Stuttgart the German Professional Association for Gastronomy & Industrial Kitchen Equipment (GGKA) announced the winners of its Bestpartner awards 2018/2019. These awards are based on a survey conducted among the 70 members of the association. MKN triumphed in the category "Cooking Technology" .


Cutting edge technology meets craftsmanship

Reliable, cost-efficient and sustainable. When you invest in MKN's premium cooking equipment, you'll enjoy working with it for a long time to come. We make extreme demands, not only on material, workmanship and finishing processes, but also on ourselves.

Due to extensive investment in new manufacturing technology, machinery and facilities as well as in the qualification of our employees, MKN has developed from a factory into a state-of-the-art industrial company. The combination of modern production technology, fine craftmanship and innovative design culminates in premium quality made in Germany, made by MKN.

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1 Compared to previous MKN models without energy-saving features (triple glazing, heat exchanger)
2 Compared to the previous MKN system


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