"My aim is to get better every day…!"

An impressive interview with the Dutch two-star master chef Francois Geurds


We're really excited about what's in store for us today! That's why photographer, Nina Stiller and I don't mind having to set off towards Rotterdam early in the morning to meet the Dutch star chef Francois Geurds in his prestigious FG Restaurant. He's recently been selected to the list of the 100 best star chefs in the world.  On arrival we're immediately struck by an unequalled warm and inviting atmosphere. Elegant, extremely comfortable swivel chairs take a central position in this attractive restaurant and the charismatic star chef has already taken his seat and is ready to answer our questions… What do his Aruban roots have to do with his passion for cooking and his success story? And how has MKN professional cooking technology provided invaluable support? Find out in this informative and interesting interview. 

Corinna Düe

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