MKN Connected Kitchen®

New means of communication

The MKN Connected Kitchen® Cloud solution welcomes digitalization into professional kitchens and caters for a high level of standardization, increased efficiency, transparency and quality assurance. Maximum data security is provided by a reliable partner - Telekom.

Digitalization and uniform structures
Your benefits at a glance

Manage and monitor all locations at the same time

Ensure standardization and a uniform concept

Adherence to hygiene guidelines

Centralized control, monitoring and organization of processes

Monitor and control each appliance

This is how the MKN Cloud concept works

We offer MKN Connected Kitchen® as a safe, complete solution to digitize your professional kitchen. MKN Connected Kitchen® is based on the Telekom Cloud solution where all data can be safely and reliably stored. Information is transferred to the cloud by means of a gateway. Data can be accessed via tablet or PC at any time. A mutual data exchange takes place between the MKN Cloud and the kitchen appliances.

Keep an eye on things with MKN Connected Kitchen®

MKN Connected Kitchen® offers you a wide range of functions to digitize your daily kitchen routine and standardize processes. For example, data is automatically collected for the HACCP documentation and clearly compiled. You can record your operating costs such as electricity and water consumption and manage your device utilisation. And MKN Connected Kitchen® can do even more to make everyday life in the kitchen easier.

Select the right package according to your requirements

MKN Connected Kitchen® is available in two packages. You can choose between our MKN Basic package or the MKN Premium package. Simply select the option  that best suits your needs.

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