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New MKN mychoice film

It's finally here – the new MKN mychoice film! As the mail arrives with the final version from filmmaker Michael Skolik and his video production team "Echt rund", my heart beats faster. Is everything coherent, does the message come across to the audience and does the film convey the right atmosphere and feeling?

As always, it's incredibly exciting to see the final result in full length with harmonized visuals and sound. And I'd like to say it's spot on! The mychoice film conveys exactly the message we want to communicate to everyone. The world of cooking is diverse in various ways. But, you always have a partner you can rely on – MKN!

MKN means more than just technology, MKN is also about offering lifestyle choices. That's why it was particularly important for me and my team to show not only the typical daily routine of two chefs, but also footage of their private lives. We're absolutely convinced that the values and high demands on quality anyone has in their personal life will be just as important to them in their professional life. If you highly appreciate quality, reliability and performance, you certainly won't want to miss this at work. 

The first screening of the mychoice film to a larger audience received a positive response. We're thrilled about this as it takes a huge amount of hard work to produce just a few minutes of film. Many thanks again to the whole team! In particular, the music by our composers Billy Ray Schlag and Lennart Busse won special praise. Once again, the two of them have managed to create a special, unique and spine tingling atmosphere to complement the visual images.

We can't wait to hear the reaction of customers, business partners or interested viewers to the film and hope that our message comes across clearly: "Enjoy a relaxed day at work using equipment made by MKN. This strong partner provides reliable support in your kitchen every day and won't let you down."

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