The new FlexiCombi®

Faster. More efficiency. More digitalisation.


Unlinke any other combi steamer

Discover the future of cooking with our innovative FlexiCombi®.  A new breakthrough in speed, efficiency and digital technology. With its new lighting concept and faster operating system, it revolutionises cooking processes, increases productivity and offers you an unparalleled increase in capacity thanks to its top feature FlexiRack®. An eco-friendly design using green stainless steel accentuates our sustainability commitment and environmental responsibility.


Top Features in FlexiCombi®

New lighting concept

The LED door lighting and rear lighting in the cooking chamber revolutionise the new FlexiCombi®. Users are not dazzled, even when the door is open, ensuring optimal user-friendliness and safety. Monitor your cooking processes better and enjoy perfect food quality.


Efficient operating system - The new MagicPilot®

The new MagicPilot® system promises you increased productivity thanks to faster hardware. MKN's Guided Cooking concept using digital technology not only lets you work in the kitchen faster, but also more efficiently. Improved hardware caters for a smoother workflow, while user-friendly handling and a uniform control display for diverse MKN appliances create an intuitive experience.


MultiCook - New Feature in FlexiCombi®

Simply touch the product image to start the cooking process and benefit from automatic time settings. The intuitive user interface allows you to select between just a visual representation of products, with additional time specification or shelf information.


New display design

One product family - one operating system - one design! The display design and form of the new FlexiCombi® now matches that of the complete MKN product family allowing for uniform and intuitive operation.

WLAN and connection to MKN ConnectedKitchen®

Optimise your kitchen processes and improve process efficiency with real-time monitoring and control. Not only benefit from intelligent data collection and evaluation, but also remote maintenance to simplify operating procedures and guarantee top performance.




FlexiRack® and crosswise insertion


Do you need more capacity in your FlexiCombi? No problem at all with FlexiRack® This smart feature utilises the entire cooking chamber optimally. Your benefits: You get a big plus in capacity and increased productivity. It speeds up processes in your professional kitchen, not only saving you time, but also energy.




Hygienic cooking chamber door

Enjoy the benefits of our advanced hygienic cooking chamber door. The insulated triple glazed sealed unit ensures optimal energy efficiency, reduces heat radiation and makes cleaning easier.




Fast, maintenance-free steam generation with up to 2 kW/h energy savings thanks to intelligent heat exchanger technology. Variable steam quantity for perfect cooking results. Clean and fresh steam for outstanding hygiene in kitchens.



SmokeInside lets you create your own personal smoky note using the MagicPilot® controls. Available for FlexiCombi® 20.1 and 20.2 appliances and gas units. Process reliability including HACCP documentation. Discover a new dimension of smoking for creating culinary masterpieces.



MKN WaveClean®

MKN WaveClean® revolutionises kitchen hygiene by focusing on safety and environmental awareness. Not only is the unique two-in-one cartridge 100 % recyclable, it also prevents direct contact with cleaning agents, making application safe and easy. By selecting WaveClean® you have a hygienic solution, which not only protects the environment but also the health of your staff. Our innovative cartridge system means there is no contact with the cleaning agents, completely ruling out the risk of a skin rash or chemical exposure. A clean choice for everyone and available with a discount by subscription.


WaveClean® Shop

Low water consumption

FlexiCombi® uses 35 litres water only for each cleaning cycle thanks to a circulation system.


100% recyclable

Green cleaning. 100 % recyclable cleaning cartridges for a clean environment.


The unique WaveClean® cartridge

The sealed WaveClean® cartridge contains detergent and rinse aid.


Safe and simple

A wax seal prevents any contact with the detergent.


Super easy

Insert a WaveClean® cartridge and get started!


Full interior cleaning

The hygienic cooking chamber door with triple glazed sealed unit needs no additional manual cleaning.


Available by subscription

Automatic repeated delivery of cartridges for continuous and uninterrupted cleaning and, at the same time, better control of your costs.



MKN Connected Kitchen® keeps an eye on things

Are you ready to take your kitchen performance to the next level? Discover MKN Connected Kitchen®, your innovative solution for fast, simple and safe kitchen management. With our digital kitchen management system, you use the full potential of your MKN cooking equipment. Share cooking programmes, update your appliance software and document HACCP data easily. Find out how simple this can be, regardless of where your cooking systems are located. You have access to your data by smartphone or PC at any time, thus maintaining full control over energy, water and cleaning agent consumption as well as cooking times and oven usage. Welcome to the era of Connected Kitchen by MKN, where kitchen management meets state-of-the-art technology.

Displaying usage data



HACCP data



Monitoring consumption



Customizing display settings



Compilation of device usage



Software updates



Cooking processes

can be shared with appliances at predetermined times


Identifying & reporting faults & misuse



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