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Cooking on board cruise ships, offshore oil rigs or large yachts poses special challenges in terms of personnel, material and planning. Several thousand passengers and crew members expect consistent food quality. A large variety of dishes have to be prepared, often for more than a dozen different restaurants and several snack bars. Chefs need to cater for the varied tastes of passengers as well as a multicultural team of onboard staff around the clock and even in rough seas. At MKN, we supply the professional cooking equipment you need for large kitchens on land and at sea. Our appliances are absolutely reliable, flexibly combinable and optimally suited to available space and workflow in kitchens and restaurants on board. As German specialist in thermal professional cooking technology, we have been working on new and intelligent ideas for the kitchens of the future for 75 years. Customers worldwide appreciate the outstanding practicality of our innovative, multifunctional MKN appliances. Always keeping customer benefit in mind, our appliance solutions optimise entire kitchen processes and impress with their special quality, durability and high level of cost effectiveness. Stay on course with MKN's professional cooking technology. We're glad to be the reliable partner at your side sailing on all seven seas!

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Safety is top priority on the world's oceans

MKN is one of the market leaders in the marine sector. Whether it’s cruise ships or private yachts, you can usually find MKN professional cooking equipment on board. Striving for innovation and continuous development to meet the strict requirements of the maritime sector are the basis for our success. Compliance with particularly stringent hygiene regulations (VSP) and safety regulations (SOLAS) plays a major role when selecting suitable professional cooking equipment. Special devices such as flanged feet, door stops, secured pull-out rails and and cooker guards provide additional safety in your professional kitchen, ensuring that your production processes run smoothly.

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Customer satisfaction is always your primary focus. They demand a variety of fresh and high quality dishes, especially passengers on the sea. Cruise ship guests, crew members and guests on large yachts 
expect first class service around the clock. This is only possible with a perfectly trained team, optimised workflow efficiency and profes sional cooking equipment that supports you 100 percent.
MKN's smart and seaworthy equipment solutions are designed to meet galley requirements exactly. They deliver an outstanding performance in limited space. Special marine equipment versions operate reliably regardless of crashing waves, vibrations or other ship motions.Implementation of and compliance with strict safety precautions and hygiene standards on board is just one factor. In addition, MKN supplies an entire range of multifunctional cooking equipment – a complete solution from a single source.Our specialists work with you to put together your requirements for any onboard kitchen concept, including multifunctional appliances such as the FlexiChef®, MKN combi steamers or conventional cooking equipment. Choose between MKN modular series appliances or individual cooking suites. We supply everything your modern professional kitchen needs, wherever you need it.

Hygiene means safety…

With our two automatic cleaning systems  SpaceClean® & WaveClean® you clean skillet pans or combi steamers in minutes and no additional manual cleaning is required.

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential in galley kitchens day in day out, often taking considerable time and effort. MKN's automatic cleaning systems work wonders in this respect. SpaceClean® and WaveClean® clean skillet pans or combi steamers in minutes without the need for any additional manual cleaning. This not only saves time, but costs and also extends the service life of your equipment. You can now focus on more important things like spoiling your guests and crew members with culinary delights!

At home on the world's oceans
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The list of our marine customer references that have installed reliable equipment from MKN in their onboard kitchens is long and includes many prominent names. They all enjoy professional cooking technology that works perfectly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and complies with the special safety regulations on the high seas.We are constantly striving to support our customers and teams in galley kitchens, on-board restaurants and large yachts by developing new ideas for increasing efficiency, cost effectiveness and saving time. At the same time, we hope that we make work more fun for the kitchen teams on board.

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