Trust in a strong brand and join
our MKN world of cooking


100% MKN!

Reliable professional cooking equipment and a lifetime partnership

How do you keep cool when things heat up in the kitchen? You can rely on MKN's premium cooking equipment 100 percent everyday thanks to state-of-the-art production technology, masterful craftmanship and innovative design.

Quality means much more to us than just cutting-edge technology. It's a promise of customer satisfaction and a lifetime partnership. Our reliable and durable appliances guarantee optimal performance in your kitchen. It's a combination of outstanding workmanship and absolute precision, complemented by a fast supply of spare parts and individual service packages and culminates in a lifetime guarantee on particular components. 

MKN appliances stand for reliability, efficiency and sustainability. Our particularly impressive waranty claim rate confirms this fact, supported by the feedback we regularly receive in customer surveys.
Trust a strong brand and join our MKN world of cooking!


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These figures speak for themselves


of all survey participants have a high level of trust in the MKN brand


of all survey participants rate the technical reliability of MKN appliances as very good


of all survey participants rate the durability of MKN appliances as very good


of all survey participants would recommend the MKN brand to others

Online customer survey in Feb. 2021; 20 % response rate.
We received replies from 85 of the 408 customers asked to participate in the survey.


Use best equipment and
cook from the heart.

Hemant Oberoi 
Head Chef Restaurant Hemant Oberoi, Mumbai, India

Durability is the new sustainability

What can be more sustainable than producing appliances  with a particularly long life span? It's this philosophy that determines our daily action at MKN and it's more relevant than ever right now. We make decisions based on our respect for natural resources and responsiblity for future generations. This is why we use high quality material only. Sustainability is key to our new product development and we can also guarantee spare parts availability over a long period of time. Enjoy the efficiency and reliability that comes with MKN's durable and robust premium cooking technology for many years and even decades to come.

Quality - made by MKN

Award-winning success!

GGKA Bestpartner

Award from the German professional association for catering and commercial kitchen equipment (GGKA) in recognition of outstanding performances by its suppliers.


Nationwide business award from the Oskar-Patzelt Foundation honouring outstanding medium-sized companies.


"North Germany's Export Oscar" for intensive international activities and outstanding entrepreneurial achievements in foreign trade.

We care deeply about quality

We are committed to making sure you get the most out of your MKN cooking equipment and enjoy working with it for many years to come. That is why a long-term partnership is so important to us. We try to provide you with  allround support for your premium cooking equipment. You don't only benefit from our competence and long-time expertise when you purchase an appliance, but also when it comes to care, service and maintenance.

Warranty claim rate and service network

If you invest in top quality products from MKN, you can look forward to robust and reliable equipment. Equipment failure and downtime are extremely uncommon. MKN's warranty claim rate confirms this fact, being only one percent  and well under the industry average. If you do need help on any occasion, you can count on our worldwide service network of qualified partners. You'll also find these located near you, so if your equipment requires service or repair, our specialists can respond quickly and it is operational again in no time at all.


Enjoy the benefits offered by our durable cooking equipment! We stay connected with many customers for years, providing valuable support and building up a lifetime partnership. Original MKN quality spare parts are available throughout the entire lifetime of your appliances. Should a problem arise unexpectedly, support is just around the corner. We even grant a lifetime warranty on certain components!

Our WeCare Service concept

Proper care combined with professional service pay off! That goes for premium cooking technology, too. We have developed the MKN WeCare Service concept to ensure that your appliances are always in perfect condition and you get the most out of them. Various service packages enable you to customize maintenance and care options to your own needs. Do you need to test an appliance which has not been in operation for a while? What about effective equipment training? No problem at all. We even offer warranty extensions, customized spare and wear part packages as well as full service packages including maintenance and software updates for our reliable MKN premium cooking equipment.

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