"Action…take two!"

"Action…take two!"

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Although up to 1 500 meals are produced here every day, executive chef Maik Noack and his team have everything under control and simply keep cool. We're at the Student Services Organization Hannover today to continue work on our new MKN #mychoice film. It gives an insight into the diverse world of professional cooking technology, "fine dining" on the one hand and the "catering" segment on the other with all of the varied challenges faced every day. 

Following our first film shoot at the new restaurant Klinker in Hamburg, filming is now scheduled for the next two days at the student cafeteria in Hannover and the wholesalers Matthies & Sons in Braunschweig. Wimal is our protagonist this time and once again we're working with our trusted camera crew from Michael Skolik's team at "Echt rund". 

Despite his extremely busy work day, Maik Noack provides us with the best possible support. To meet the daily challenges faced at the Linden campus he works enthusiastically with MKN multifunctional equipment. That obviously makes the student cafeteria the perfect film location for us. 

We also get a lot of active support at the wholesalers Matthies & Sons in Braunschweig. Thomas Pischel, responsible for purchasing and sales, is on set to assist at the film shoot.  

The new mychoice film isn't simply about the daily work routine of two chefs and the challenges they face, the main focus actually lies on the general principles of life. 
Anyone having high demands on quality, reliability and performance in their personal life is going to attach the same importance to these values in their professional life too.

Our appliances, selected by the protagonists in their real everyday working lives, are therefore the true stars of this film. 
How to sum up the mychoice video? That's easy! Diverse worlds, varied challenges and one solution which connects them both - that's MKN professional cooking technology! 

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