A look back at a great exhibition in Milan

The show may be over but we gladly look back on exciting exhibition days and unforgettable impressions from the Host Milan.

The Host is the largest exhibition for the hospitality industry and communal catering worldwide. It’s a great opportunity for us to enjoy a "family reunion" with MKN employees from around the globe. As well as an intensive exchange with our fantastic partners from all over the world and a chance to show them our newest innovative products, it was also the perfect occasion to impress potential customers with our outstanding exhibition stand. Trade exhibitions are always particularly special events for us. And the team spirit and passion for our company and equipment alike were clearly evident at our stand during the whole exhibition.

MKN’s bustling stand was constantly packed with interested guests eager to discover more about our equipment and company. Cooking demonstrations, held regulary in German, English and Italian in our ExpertArena were the hit with audiences. Our international guests were treated to breathtaking dishes such as delicious saffron risotto. Two Italian top chefs – Nicola and Marco from the famous and prestigious cooking school Cast Alimenti helped our MKN chefs’ team to prepare diverse delicacies in in our state-of-the-art- equipment, FlexiChef, SpaceCombi team and SpaceCombi magic team.

Exciting new appliances, cutting edge technology, passionate people, great conversation and fantastic food – certainly the highlights of the Host 2019.

Carlo Munaretto

Hi, I'm Carlo and your product specialist for the MKN FlexiChef®. I'll be blogging here from now on.

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