Meeting Modern Kitchen Demands

The energy dilemma

Energy prices continue to be a big talking point in UK kitchens and it’s inevitable that operators want more efficient appliances that can reduce running costs. An increased focus on environmental issues and regulatory pressure in some sectors is also driving demand for low carbon kitchens.

We work with dealer partners to highlight two main areas of focus; energy efficiency and energy optimisation.

Starting with energy efficiency, more and more operators now consider the whole lifecycle cost of appliances, which is a critical point. Energy-saving innovations may come at a premium in the capital investment, but they often pay for themselves sooner than you think.

We’ve blogged before about the specific innovations that are helping to drive down the running costs of MKN appliances, whilst also working hard to extend the lifetime for those appliances to maximise end user investment.

We also work with our partners to showcase the potential of energy optimisation too. MKN is one of few manufacturers with the technology that enables our appliances to connect with and optimise in line with an energy optimisation interface, using the latest technology to reduce the peak demand of the kitchen in line with the Standard DIN 18875 Equipment for Commercial Kitchens - Interface for Power Optimization. 

A flexible approach to equipment

Whilst the efficiency of appliances is important to overcome evolving kitchen challenges, so too is flexibility. Kitchens are getting smaller, productivity becoming more important and the need for multi-functional appliances greater. That’s where innovations like MKN’s FlexiChef come into their own.

FlexiChefis a multi-award winning piece of equipment that lets kitchen staff cook, fry, deep fry or cook at high speed, all in one appliance. By optimising the complete cooking process, it increases efficiency in busy kitchens – with the added benefit of SpaceClean technology, the first and only automatic cleaning system for skillet pans.

We work closely with dealer partners to help them specify the most appropriate cooking solutions for each individual kitchen. You can see more about FlexiChef here.

Building a network of specialists

Another way we help dealers to meet their customers’ needs is through advice and education. MKN is a market leader in premium cooking equipment, offering a wide range of thermal cooking ideas for more than 75 years. We believe it’s important for dealers and design partners to tap into the expertise of individual equipment manufacturers – from refrigeration and warewashing, to temperature monitoring and thermal cooking.

This is the only way they will get a balanced insight into the innovation and technology that powers each individual category. We know thermal cooking solutions better than anyone – certainly better than any manufacturer or importer who brings cooking solutions to the market alongside refrigeration and food warming. That’s why we can always add value to projects.

If you’re a dealer looking to support your customers, speak to our team on 01329 757890  for more information. 

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