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As the industry struggles to cope with rising energy costs, Wayne Bennett, our VP Sales and Marketing for UK and Ireland, sets out some of the energy saving features of MKN’s innovative cooking solutions that can help make a difference in the kitchen and on the bottom line. 

The energy crisis in the UK has put a new focus on energy efficiency and kitchen running costs. From independent operators to large contract caterers and restaurant chains, the hospitality industry is looking for ways to minimise energy consumption and mitigate the energy cost increases that have hit so many, so hard. 

One survey by UK Hospitality – albeit before Liz Truss announced a cap on annual business energy costs – shows that hospitality businesses are experiencing an average energy increase of 238%. Three in five operators said that they feared they may not survive as a result. 

And it’s not just the businesses who are seeing their bills increase, of course. Even those who can afford to keep their appliances running are concerned whether customers will have the disposable income to eat out in a major cost of living crisis. The Business Leader Survey 2022 by The Caterer and CGA shows just 40% of leaders in hospitality feel optimistic about the industry’s prospects in the next year, compared to 80% in 2021, with food inflation also adding to concerns.  


Playing our part through innovation 

We believe manufacturers have a role to play in minimising energy use for operators.That’s why, as part of our wide-ranging sustainability strategy across the business, we are committed to continuously developing products that consume as little energy and water as possible, operating reliably and efficiently for many years. 

Some of our innovative features to minimise energy use include:

  • A host of features on the MKN FlexiCombi and SpaceCombi ranges, including WaveClean technology which enables a 36% reduction in water consumption compared with the previous version and closed tripled glazed door for 28% reduction in energy consumption compared to previous models with a double glazed door. 
  • FlexiCombi also includes a heat exchanger to ensure heat efficiency for greater energy savings, saving 1.1kW per hour with the 10-grid model.
  • SpaceCombi models can be completely self-sufficient if used with the optional MagicHood odour neutralising hood, reducing the need for any additional ventilation system (subject to site conditions) – another way to potentially reduce energy bills. 
  • Thanks to smart Smart Boiling technology, the MKN FlexiChef uses 0.2kWh to boil 75 litres of water in 20 minutes, compared to 7kWh for the water boiling phase in a conventional multifunctional appliance.
  • Induction cooking in modular ranges such as Counter SL and Hotline, which reduces boiling time by 55% compared to hot plates, with additional energy saving helping to ensure 2.5 tons of CO2 reduction per year.

In addition, MKN is one of few manufacturers with the technology that enables its appliances to connect with and optimise in line with an energy optimisation interface, using the latest technology to reduce the peak demand of the kitchen in line with the Standard DIN 18875 Equipment for Commercial Kitchens - Interface for Power Optimization. 

If that’s not enough, we’ve also introduced a wide range of measures to reduce the carbon footprint of MKN’s operations, in turn ensuring we help minimise supply chain emissions for end users. We use local suppliers where possible with 100% production in Germany at only one location, which has enabled a 35% reduction in CO2 through new production sites and technologies. In addition, cardboard consumption is down 10%, paper down 50% and styrofoam down 100%. Other measures include more efficient packaging, automation of production and training methods, as well as the use of renewable energy across our manufacturing facility.

We’re very aware of the challenges faced by our end user customers and we’re committed to working with dealers to deliver practical solutions that help minimise energy bills in commercial kitchens. 

Whether you’re a dealer looking to support your customers, or an end user interested in how product innovation can help reduce your energy bills, speak to our team on 01329 757890  for more information. 

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