GOLD at the Commercial Kitchen Show

As the Commercial Kitchen Show in London closed its doors on 24 September 2021, the MKN UK team left not only with a smile on their faces having enjoyed that long missed trade show feeling but also went home as gold winners. Trade show visitors and the Innovation Challenge's renowned expert panel had jointly decided to award gold to MKN's SpaceCombi Magic Team combi steamer.

The award recognises innovative products and technology that enhance today's professional kitchens and increase efficiency. This sums up the SpaceCombi Magic Team perfectly. Equipped with two separate cooking chambers and having a width of only 55 cm, the appliance offers sufficient flexibility to cater for any market trend. The integrated MagicHood for extracting odours lets it operate self-sufficiently and it is not dependent on any ventilation system. It doesn't get cooler than this!

You can just cook without limits wherever you are. The innovative appliance features and endless possibilities offered, fully convinced the expert panel of the Commercial Kitchen Challenge. According to Katie Tyler, Commercial Kitchen's event manager, MKN's compact combi steamer was also praised as being energy efficient and space saving. Designing more energy-efficient and cost-saving appliances is a matter close to our hearts. This not only benefits our customers but also the environment!

While proudly accepting the award, Wayne Bennett, MKN Regional Vice President, UK & Ireland explained why he is especially thrilled to receive this particular prize: "It's a great honour to receive this award as the showcased products are not only scrutinized thoroughly by an expert panel but also by show visitors. We couldn't ask for better market feedback".

Find all the information about our MKN SpaceCombi MagicTeam here.

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