Tortue, Hamburg

A new Design Hotel in Hamburg

The new Tortue Boutique and Design Hotel, located in Hamburg’s central Stadthöfe-Quartier (Engl. City Courtyards Quarter), opened in summer 2018. Taking its name from the French word for "turtle", it combines a touch of French Savoir-vivre with understanding the art of enjoying life.
The two restaurants, the Asian inspired Jin Gui and the French-German brasserie, are the perfect places to relax. Although their concepts vary considerably, MKN equipment has been installed in both restaurants. Two customized MKN cooking suites, various combi steamers and the multifunctional FlexiChef provide invaluable support to Jeffrey Hoogstraaten, Executive Chef, and his kitchen team.

MKN Reference Tortue Hamburg

Savoir-vivre and the art of taking time

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