We rock the forest
Tetzelstein forest restaurant in Elm

If you are looking for romance, a little mysticism and special cuisine, the historic Tetzelsein forest restaurant is just the place for you. Idyllically situated in an old forest clearing, guests have been enjoying this special location since the late 19th century. After a change of operator and complete refurbishment in 2022/23, the long-established restaurant is now back with a fresh concept. And with top professional cooking technology from MKN in Wolfenbüttel, which is only 25 minutes away by car.


Hiking, cycling, motorcycling, horse riding or camping: the forest restaurant is perfect for a long break. The Tetzelstein is located along the German Alpine-Baltic Sea holiday route and in the middle of the Elm, northern Germany's largest beech forest. The restaurant is also the highest restaurant in the North German Plain (300.00 metres above sea level). And shrouded in legend: On the Tetzelstein is a memorial to the Dominican monk Johann Tetzel (1465-1519), who is the subject of mystical stories. There is room for up to 160 people inside and a beautiful beer garden outside. Dogs are welcome and horses can be "parked" in the neighbouring meadow.


All of this is prepared in the new MKN kitchen, which is state-of-the-art in terms of energy, technology and hygiene. "With MKN, we have a strong partner who has equipped us with the latest commercial kitchen technology," emphasises the head chef. This includes the Masterline, two FlexiChefs, three FlexiCombi and a SpaceCombi. What is special about MKN technology for the chef, we ask: "Of course, the quality of the products is crucial. But just as important for me is the co-operation with the people behind it. I've simply never heard a 'no'." The kitchen team is also enthusiastic, so it's no wonder that the motto at Tetztelstein is: We rock the forest!


The freshly renovated interiors are both cosy and modern. The new kitchen, the realm of chef Florian Fuhrmann, is huge. The food is regional and seasonal. Florian consistently avoids convenience or ready-made products. "I put the same amount of love into every dish, whether it's a fried curry sausage, a mustard party or mango chutney with baked Brie," he says.  The quality of the products is his top priority. Tasty and honest cuisine, down-to-earth but special at the same time. Florian: "You can recognise a good chef by his ability to offer good stews." Handmade ice cream, game dishes with game directly from the surrounding Elm and other regional products are part of the menu.


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