Restaurant Gen in Penang, Malaysia

Nostalgic aromas through bold,
innovative cooking techniques

Its light marble floors and eye-catching floor to ceiling windows make the Restaurant Gēn (English: "roots") an excellent reason to visit Penang. The tasting menu "My Malaysian Stories" created by talented chef, Johnson Wong, born in Johor, offers up nostalgic native aromas and reflects innovative cooking techniques. Remaining loyal to his roots, he fuses Malaysian local quality produce with passion, culture and childhood memories.

Interview with chef Johnson Wong
Restaurant Gen

Chef Johnson Wong trusts in MKN's premium multifunctional cooking equipment when it comes to preparing his outstanding cuisine. The FlexiCombi® combi steamer is his reliable kitchen aid, offering a diverse selection of cooking modes as well as the FlexiRack® capacity concept for optimum utilisation of the cooking chamber.

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