Restaurant and event location "Atelier" in Eupen, Belgium
Creative trio for special flavour experiences

What do buzzing bees have to do with good cuisine? At the Atelier, restaurant and event location in Eupen, a lot, because the bees are located on the extensive and beautiful grounds of the gastronomic establishment and supply the in-house honey. Fresh, seasonal and very, very creative - this is probably the best way to describe the philosophy of the three owners, who are now back on track after extensive renovation work on the premises.


For over ten years, the Atelier has been known as the address for top gastronomy and exceptional hospitality. It is also known for its special atmosphere, as the restaurant, bar and lounge area are housed in the historic halls of a former cloth factory, which also includes an old mill. All this in the middle of a park through which the River Hill babbles. And this is precisely the reason for the necessary renovation, as the studio was unfortunately affected by the major flood disaster in mid-2021. The three owners, Samira Heinen-Boudri, head chef Stefan Heinen and restaurateur Marc Nüchtern, were only able to reopen the restaurant in October 2022. An exhausting and still not fully completed reconstruction, accompanied by the coronavirus and energy crisis.

But the team of three is not giving up that easily. "Now we want to focus fully on the art of cookery and our guests again," says head chef Stefan Heinen. Belgian, French or international cuisine, delicious buffets, fine barbecues and multi-course menus for celebrations or catering for very private occasions are on the menu. There is also an appealing lunch menu on weekdays from Tuesdays to Fridays. Stefan cooks seasonally and with as many regional ingredients as possible. As well as honey, he also serves fruit and vegetables from his own garden. "It doesn't get much fresher than in the studio," he emphasises.


Following the renovation, the team of around 15 employees is supported by the latest MKN professional cooking technology, such as the MKN MasterLine and four combi-steamers. "Three different kitchens have been turned into one centralised kitchen, where we can now work much more effectively," explains co-owner Marc Nüchtern. "The high quality of the appliances and the great flexibility in the design convinced us." The easy cleaning of the seamless MasterLine and the steamers in just a few minutes also make the team's work easier. The conditions for a successful relaunch are therefore right. "The guests just have to do the celebrating themselves," adds Service Manager and co-owner Samira with a smile. So have fun and good luck with the studio relaunch!


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