Saving material by using returnable packaging

Have you heard about returnable packaging already? This type of packaging can be used repeatedly and is sent to and from business partners, i.e. manufacturer and customer. Unlike conventional packaging in the form of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap or other, non-recyclable materials, returnable packaging is not only environment-friendly, but saves resources, time and costs. This recyclable packaging, mainly constructed of reusable rigid plastics or wood, also provides better protection of high-quality equipment and minimizes transport damage. At MKN, we use shipping containers specifically adapted to our individual requirements which can be used extremely often. 100 to 200 or more shipments are usually possible. For example, when we ship inlays, returnable packaging lets us save on 260 m² cardboard packaging and almost 200 m² bubble wrap. The saving is even 4 500 m² cardboard packaging and 17 000 m² bubble wrap when we ship heating inserts. Just two examples from our extensive range of appliances and spare parts. It gives us great satisfaction to be contributing to the combat of climate change in this way.