Help for Chiara

As a family-owned company, we not only have an obligation to our customers and employees, but also our society. We have therefore decided to financially support the parents of Chiara, a little girl from Braunschweig. She was born in 2020 with an extremely rare lower limb deficiency "Tibial hemimelia".  Expensive surgery in the USA is the only way to help Chiara walk on her own. The total costs for the treatment, however,  amount to 350000 Euros and it is simply impossible for her parents to cover this amount by themselves. The US pediatric orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Dror Paley, has a wealth of experience in limb lengthening construction surgery. Unfortunately, Germany has no experts specialized in this  rare congenital deficiency. However, with support and donations from many companies and individuals, fundraising has been successful and the required amount raised. We wish Chiara and her parents all the best for the future!