Great ideas from Energy Scout Kevin Falk

Have you already heard about the Energy Scouts? In this Chamber of Industry and Commerce qualification programme trainees can recognize and document energy saving potential in their respective companies and encourage improvements. The trainees gain a basic understanding of energy related topics as well as extensive knowledge about energy efficiency. Together with their training officers or company maintenance managers, they define, plan and implement a project. 24 trainees working in various specialist fields and different companies have taken part in this programme.

At MKN, Kevin Falk investigated whether it was better to leave the Salvagnini plant, a state-of-the-art automatic combined punch-laser machine in our production facility, on standby or to switch it off at the weekends. From an energy efficiency perspective, switching off the plant is certainly the better option. From an economic point of view, the standby mode is the clear winner.  What now? Kevin worked on ideas to find a good compromise between the two factors, sustainability and costs; e.g. a solution for a smart start of the system. MKN colleagues, Anke Kraft (Training Officer) and Marco Girelli (Maintenance Manager) provided the necessary support. What a great initiative! Some of our other trainees will also definitely be taking part and helping to develop surprising energy saving measures.