The kitchen of the future is sustainable and resource-friendly

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MKN takes responsibility for the environment and resources


The international MKN GreenTeam develops strategies for sustainability and monitors their implementation. MKN is certified in accordance with the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001.

Save Climate

MKN has a photovoltaic system covering more than 1,000 m².

Save Resources

MKN uses 100% green electricity from hydropower

Save Energy

1.6 t less CO2 emission with FlexiCombi1

Save Water

45,696 l less water consumption with FlexiChef2


1.6 t less CO2 emission with FlexiCombi1

Integrated heat exchanger and triple-insulated hygiene cooking chamber door significantly reduce CO2 emissions1. In concrete terms, this means:

FlexiCombi MagicPilot size 10
= 1.6 t less CO2

FlexiCombi MagicPilot size 20
= 2.6 t less CO2 

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45 696 l less water consumption with FlexiChef2
SpaceClean, the first automatic cleaning system for skillet pans, not only revolutionises time management and hygiene standards in your kitchen – it also saves a great deal of water!


Automatic intermediate cleaning takes just 2 min and uses only 26 litres of water

Save 34 litres of water per intermediate cleaning cycle3

4 intermediate cleaning cycles a day means a saving of 45 696 l of water a year.

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1  Compared to previous MKN models without energy-saving features
(triple glazing, heat exchanger)
Compared to the previous MKN system
Compared to manual cleaning which uses around 60 litres of water