Health and Safety

Workplace accidents result in 33.396 sick days a year

Our solution


The qualities and excellent workmanship of MKN products prevent occupational accidents.


High Quality Workmanship

Pots and pans can be easily moved around. Seamless joints, reduced cutting edges and multiple deburring of components ensure smoother surfaces and reduce the risk of cut wounds.

Automatic Cleaning

MKN’s safe and hygienic automatic cleaning processes reduce allergies and the risk of injury


  • no chemicals: no contact with detergents and no allergies
  • spotlessly clean and no risk of slipping on wet floors

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  • Sealed cartridge: no contact with chemicals
  • no protective clothing, goggles or gloves necessary
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Ergonomics and Safety

Work fast and safely

With EasyLoad – Crosswise Insertion you always keep a firm hand on the trays, even when they are particularly heavy. Not having to change your grip prevents injuries.


- Steam Exhaust System

steam extraction before the cooking process ends prevents steam escaping into the kitchen. So, there's no risk of injury when there's hardly any steam.


Further solutions

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Individual solutions for your kitchen

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