Building a responsible future

Our employees

In the same way we take responsibility towards the environment and future generations, we also expect our employees, customers and suppliers to act responsibly and in an environmentally friendly way. This is reflected in our trustful, open-minded relationship with them in all matters of environmental protection.

Occupational health and safety of our employees is a further important component of our corporate guidelines. Our goal is "zero accidents". Every work-related accident is one too many. MKN systematically assesses the work environment of its employees as well as machinery, equipment and workplaces to identify potential hazards. We assess risks and take measures to prevent occupational accidents. Regular inspections and social dialogue ensure a high level of comprehensive preventive and protective measures.
To maintain and improve the stated measures and goals, we are already planning an occupational health and safety management system based on ISO 45001 within the scope of the IMS.

MKN Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct comprises a set of basic principles and standards of conduct, which we have voluntarily  imposed upon ourselves. It provides guidance for all employees – regardless of status and authority – and is a binding directive for legal and ethically responsible conduct within our company.

In addition, it outlines the standards for responsible conduct in our dealings with business partners, customers and suppliers as well as for interaction between employees. Compliance with these principles establishes the standard for our business activities worldwide, covering the entire value chain and our business partners. Our expectations on suppliers, sales partners and business partners are therefore also set down in the Code of Conduct.

Moreover, our Code of Conduct also covers respect for human rights, compliance with occupational health and safety regulations, environmental protection and  fair operating practices. The provisions apply to all our employees as well as business partners. It's how we make integrity a part of our daily business activities.