Environmental protection across the board

Our holistic approach to sustainability


A corporate climate protection strategy can only be effective when implemented consequently across the board. This is why we invest in the development of environmentally friendly products and technology. We have optimized our production processes so that they are low-emission and save as much energy as possible. We continuously develop our sustainability strategies to this purpose and initiate and monitor their implementation, thereby taking into account the environmental impact of the entire value chain. Efficient use of resources and conservation of raw materials characterize our actions. Our business strategy focuses on long-term investments, a large proportion of which are allocated to research and development. MKN is also certified according to the international Management Standard ISO 14001.


How we actively contribute to a sustainable future

Sustainable production

Making manufacturing processes more environmentally sustainable is a complex task. You start by using resources and raw materials more efficiently and effectively. In the last few years we have invested heavily at our Wolfenbüttel headquarters in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant that is second to none. Highly efficient laser and robot technology, an energy efficient laser-cutting centre, a small parts warehouse and new modern multi-welding centre are just a few of the production facilities accommodated at MKN's new cutting edge manufacturing plant. This investment alone saves more than 12 tonnes CO2 in our production each year and means 35% less CO2 emissions.

Automation and Digitalization

Digitalization and sustainability go hand in hand at MKN and are not mutually exclusive. Digital transformation has long since found its way into our company and enabled us to obtain important data at many different stations in our production process. Data evaluation advances lean production and helps us to optimize energy use and material quality.  We are "ready for the future" now and shall continue to save resources, increase efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint with the aid of progressing automation and digitalization at our company.

Clean energy

Our objective is to keep our carbon footprint as minimal as possible. We use an electricity mix to reduce CO2 emissions. The largest share of more than 60 % comes from renewable energy sources and we intend to increase this share further in coming years. In addition, MKN has a photovoltaic system covering more than 1000 m2 on the roofs of our production halls, with a maximum power output of 123 kWp.  Resource efficiency is measured by close monitoring of the value chain.


MKN is certified according to the international Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001. This specifies the internationally recognized requirements for an environmental management system and is reviewed regularly. Requirements include: a forward-thinking approach to environmental aspects and their systematic inclusion in policy and corporate decisions. The efficient and sparing use of resources and raw materials as well as continual improvement by means of audits. Self-regulation and audits by an independent commission ensure compliance with the standard.

Zero Waste 

Eco-friendly takeaway packaging, regional products and sustainable food selection - all these issues have priority when it comes to in-house catering for our employees. In addition, the goal we have set ourselves is to achieve zero food waste. To reach this target and improve planning, employees are required to pre-order their food selections. When customer presentations with live cooking take place in our in-house cooking arena, food leftovers are not thrown away afterwards, but  used in our staff restaurant kitchen.


As a matter of principle, MKN aims to produce as less waste as possible in all our production and administrative processes. However, it is almost impossible to avoid waste completely. This makes the focus on recycling and reuse of materials and resources all the more important. A strict separation of waste at MKN enables us to achieve a maximum recycling rate. For example, we make a subdivision in the disposal of plastics and differentiate between transparent film without bubble wrap, coloured film with bubble wrap, strapping tape and styrofoam blocks. 

On demand packaging

MKN's new on demand packaging machine optimally packs around 2 500 various spare parts of different sizes, offering millions of combination options. Result: less packaging material, 100 % reduction in polystyrene and optimal packet sizes leading to better utilization of cargo holds in lorries and planes. In addition, less pallet shipping due to availability of suitable cardboard boxes as well as faster shipment to customers. This reduces the carbon footprint by more than 8tonnes each year.

Saving natural resources

The demand for the world's resources is growing – with negative impacts on the environment and society. Therefore, our aim is to reduce resource consumption in our production processes and at the same time manufacture cooking equipment which is as eco-friendly and resource efficient as possible throughout its entire lifecycle. Use of stainless steel alone guarantees achievement of these targets. Like almost no other material, stainless steel ist practically 100 percent recyclable and is returned to the material flow after use.