Überland Restaurant at the BraWo Park, Braunschweig

Regional cuisine
above Braunschweig's rooftops

Experienced restaurateur, Lars Nussbaum runs the Überland Restaurant in Braunschweig supported by a great kitchen team and Tim Mälzer as business partner, also responsible for the menu. The MKN kitchen he chose for this urban culinary concept spread over 3 levels above the rooftops of Braunschweig is already the fifth one he has purchased. And he made this decision with complete conviction. Where guests can relax in comfortable surroundings and enjoy a culinary experience, combined with high standards, personality and regionality - that's an apt description of the restaurant and bar at the Überland.


Lars Nussbaum has worked in the restaurant business for 25 years and the past 20 years in Braunschweig. He knows the branch and region well. So, it's not really surprising that he selected MKN kitchen equipment once again for the Überland Restaurant based on his positive experiences so far. A MasterLine cooking suite forms the central element in the open kitchen. Nussbaum particularly appreciates the equipment's quality and reliability as this reassures him as restaurant owner and also motivates his kitchen team.






As restaurant owner, reliable cooking equipment is absolutely essential to me.


Lars Nussbaum, restaurant owner Überland

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