The "Scarlet Lady" cruise ship
Rebellious luxury at sea

Dress codes and stiff captains' dinners are a thing of the past. Billionaire Richard Branson has made it his mission to revolutionise cruises. For example with the "Scarlet Lady", the first ship of his cruise line Virgin Voyages. The shipping company has focused on the needs of adults - and offers luxury holidays on the high seas with many opportunities for enjoyment, fitness and relaxation.

Take the view of the water, for example: 86 per cent of the 1330 cabins and 78 suites have a balcony, 93 per cent have a sea view. The shipping company had a young, cool audience in mind when designing the "Scarlet Lady". The luxury liner offers performances by drag queens, parties and a tattoo parlour. There are also two suites with record players, electric guitars and amplifiers. In other words, rebellious luxury. There is no dress code. And instead of buffets, there are numerous speciality restaurants - equipped with high-quality MKN professional cooking technology. The two main restaurants include the "Pink Agave" with delicious Mexican cuisine and a stylish ambience such as curved lounge tables. The "Test Kitchen" looks like a cookery laboratory with its cool metallic-style atmosphere and light installations. Perfect for anyone who likes to experiment.

Of course, the cruise ship also offers plenty of fitness and relaxation. A tartan running track with a sea view, for example, a basketball court, a fitness studio and the option of outdoor boxing. Those who prefer a more relaxed approach will be delighted with the ship's exclusive thermal spa, yoga programmes and hairdressing salon. A maximum of 2,700 passengers and over 1,100 crew members have to be catered for on the Scarlet Lady. The professional cooking technology from MKN provides support: all restaurants and kitchens are fully equipped with it. From the Masterline to the FlexiChef to the combi-steamer. Let the revolution begin!


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