Fine-Dining-Restaurant Sahila in Cologne
Reaching for the stars in flavour

Welcome to a personal flavour journey around the world. Diners at "Sahlia" in Cologne can look forward to extraordinary flavours and a variety of dishes: created by owner and Germany's youngest star chef, Julia Komp, inspired by recipes she has collected in Europe, Asia and the Orient. And realised together with a colourful and talented team of young chefs, experienced sommeliers and dedicated service staff.


Interview with Julia Komp
Owner and head chef at Sahila

They all transport guests to another world: the restaurant in Cologne's city centre stands for top international cuisine that combines tradition and modernity in a cosy atmosphere. Star chef 2016, chef of the year 2020, Julia Komp has received many other awards. A trip around the world has taken her to over 30 countries. Each dish is inspired by a country she has visited herself. Julia Komp has nevertheless remained down-to-earth and enchants guests with her Rhenish cheerfulness - both in Sahila and in the neighbouring restaurant, the Yu*lia Mezze Bar.


Her dishes are characterised by lightness, freshness and a wonderful sense of flavour. And the highest quality. She and her team use high-quality products from selected sources. All food comes from species-appropriate husbandry or sustainable production. Julia has even met some of the producers personally while travelling around the world. For her own Kenzolie olive oil, for example, she travelled to Tunisia herself.


"A kitchen like this with MKN appliances has always been my dream."


Julia Komp Owner and kitchen manager Sahila Cologne

All of this is prepared in a completely new professional kitchen. "A kitchen like this with MKN appliances has always been my dream," says Julia Komp. The MKN Masterline cooking system was customised to the requirements on site for an optimal workflow. "With the two small, energy-saving MKN combi-steamers, we can also steam and bake at the same time. They take up very little space and are very easy to handle," adds Julia. What she particularly appreciates about the Masterline is the continuous hygienic cover plate: "It means everything is cleaned quickly and hygienically - and we have more time to concentrate on the menus!"


At Sahila, you can experience a flavourful journey around the world with a variety of flavours and absolute top quality - produced with premium cooking technology from MKN.


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