Lobetalarbeit e.V., Celle

1 200 Meals every day
for diverse special needs

Lobetalarbeit e.V., a registered welfare association,  supports and encourages young and old people, with and without disabilities to live, learn and work together. 800 residents with mental and/or physical disabilities, 260 senior citizens requiring elderly care and 1 200 employees  live and work together here in Celle. Thomas Langlotz, head chef, is responsible for feeding them all, many of whom have special needs. He’s supported by a team of five chefs and various kitchen helpers. That there's such a good work atmosphere is no doubt due to reliable kitchen equipment. "The appliances are just great.  Our kitchen functions well and the FlexiChef is absolutely sensational," says the impressed chef, praising his equipment which produces around 1 200 meals every day.

"The appliances are just great. Our kitchen functions well and the FlexiChef is absolutely sensational."


Thomas Langlotz, Head Chef, Lobetalarbeit e.V.

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