Coca Cola Arena in Dubai

No compromises with MKN technology

Even if it is what you probably expect from Dubai as a city of superlatives and innovation, the Coca Cola Arena on the famous City Walk shopping promenade still surpasses most of what you know about this capital city so far. A portable modular stage, retractable seating system,  4 600 LEDs around the entire glass façade and almost 400 m² LED screens inside the arena – just a few of the impressive highlights. The multifunctional indoor arena has a capacity of 17 000 and is fully air-conditioned so it can operate all year-round, even in Dubai's hotter summer months.

As the largest and most modern arena of its kind on the Arabian Peninsula, the Coca Cola Arena can host events of all kinds: concerts, conferences, exhibitions, award ceremonies, weddings, TV broadcasts, sporting events and fashion shows, to name just a few. Numerous catering services and dining facilities take care of all event needs. The venue has 35 F&B outlets alone for guests in the public areas. There are also various bars, restaurants and well-equipped catering facilities for private events and the exclusive hospitality suites.

You can't compromise on equipment at this kind of venue! The Coca Cola Arena boasts professional state-of-the-art cooking equipment from MKN offering the kitchen team everything they could wish for - FlexiChefs, cooking kettles, modular technology and multifunctional combi steamers. The perfect equipment package to meet the logistic challenges of entertaining guests in such a spectacular arena!

Coca Cola Arena in Dubai
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