Best Western Premier Hotel "Alte Mühle" Weyhausen

Time never stands still at the "Old Mill"

As its name implies, this four star Best Western Premier Hotel is located in an old mill. Although the breakfast room and restaurant still carry the names "Mühlenstube"(Engl. Mill Parlour) and "Kornkammer" (Engl. Granary), time certainly hasn't stood still here.

MKN's state-of-the-art equipment caters for fast and efficient work processes in the kitchen. "The FlexiChef is my favourite appliance because it saves me so much time," that's the clear statement from sous chef Sebastian Heibel. And this kitchen is kept really busy! The hotel in Weyhausen near Wolfsburg is very popular and frequently visited by football and ice hockey teams due to the close proximity to the stadium. The "Alte Mühle" is also one of the region's top locations for family parties and conferences. Timing is the main challenge for the kitchen team as no one likes to keep guests waiting, however hectic things get.

The fact that they meet this challenge so well and can serve top quality dishes, is not only due to the FlexiChef, but also the MKN combi steamers and a central cooking suite with customised equipment, aimed at keeping walking distances as short as possible. This all results in fine, home-style cuisine enhanced with regional ingredients such as vegetables from the neighbourhood farmer.

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