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WaveClean Life Time Protection System

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Extend the life of your combi steamer:
The automatic WaveClean cleaning system

Cleaning your combi steamer couldn't be simpler. MKN's automatic cleaning system, WaveClean cleans where you can't even see = inside the appliance. This extends the life of your combi steamer and maintains its value. All you need to do is insert the cartridge and start the programme. No need to clean the triple glazed door manually and no protective clothing. It's simply time to go home...

Just insert a cartridge
and start the programme!

No direct contact with any cleaning agents

Perfect hygiene and HACCP approved

The triple glazed
hygienic cooking
chamber door
requires no additional manual cleaning

Saves water!
Water is recycled in a
circulation system

No additional costs
for protective clothing
and cleaning agents

"The WaveClean cleaning system is the most important thing of all for us and it's also cost effective.“




„Cleaning and hygiene are absolutely essential in commercial kitchens and communal catering."


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All cooking modes. From steaming vegetables to cooking meat

Mainly steaming, baking and regeneration

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