Hotel FÄHRHAUS in Koblenz

Riverside dining experience

Hotel Fährhaus in Koblenz has 36 rooms, 11 suites and the Landgang Restaurant with seating for 80 guests. Around 200 meals are served here every day in addition to the buffet breakfast. Regional ingredients, creativity, culinary expertise and heaps of passion are reflected in the dishes offered.

Warm hospitality and a friendly atmosphere are top priority for the whole team. That's why an open kitchen was consciously chosen to enable guests to watch them cooking. Everything is transparent and diners can even talk to the chefs while they enjoy conjuring up culinary delights.

Functionality and reliable quality of the kitchen equipment are therefore extremely important. A customized cooking suite with SpaceCombi combi steamer fulfils the high expectations of personnel and guests alike. And the FlexiChef impresses everyone in this kitchen with its outstanding reliability.

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