FG Food Labs, Rotterdam

Award winning cuisine from François Geurds

As the name already implies, the "Food Labs" in Rotterdam, owned by two star Michelin chef, François Geurds, is not only a restaurant but a place where exciting gastronomy ideas are being developed. At one end of the restaurant in the rear area of the trendy old railway station building you find yourself in front of a sliding door, behind which is François Geurds’ hobby room – the laboratory. This is where he retreats to refine his creations whereby his main focus is the pure taste of the products. Similar to a chemistry laboratory, he works with test tubes, funnels and measuring cylinders. The result is always a very special taste experience.

„I selected these appliances on the basis of their intelligence and speed“...


„Furthermore, I can see what the preparation of the dishes costs in the end in terms of water and electricity. That’s simply innovative, just like me.“


François Geurds, FG Food Labs, Rotterdam

The seating in the restaurant is slightly raised so that guests have a direct view of the open kitchen area. This should reflect the personality of Geurds himself.

That’s why he decided in favour of the FlexiCombi and FlexiChef, the latest innovative equipment from MKN in Wolfenbüttel "This appliance offers endless possibilities; it’s as if I meet an attractive woman in the restaurant. The more I get to know her better, the more attractive she becomes to me," describes Francois Geurds his FlexiChef poetically. Using MKN technology, he achieves the efficiency and speed which he needs to be able to handle the large number of guests at his "Laboratory Restaurant". 

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