The story of MKN’s success begins in 1946, when Kurt Neubauer, a trained engineer, laid the foundations for MKN Maschinenfabrik in Wolfenbüttel, a small town in Lower Saxony. In the beginning the company had only three employees, who specialized in producing agricultural machinery. Over the years the firm adapted to changing market conditions until, finally, they decided to channel all their resources into the manufacture of professional kitchenware. Their high quality products soon became an international byword for the very best in kitchen fittings and equipment.

Today MKN is still in private ownership and has also remained faithful to its roots. The plant in Wolfenbüttel now covers an area of 80,000 square metres and houses the latest technology for producing the ultimate in professional kitchenware. The workforce, at present around 450, are totally committed to delivering products that are designed to meet each customer’s individual requirements. This dedication to excellence is reflected in the outstanding success that MKN has achieved throughout the world.


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