MKN provides the equipment – the chef is responsible for the menu. Together we can guarantee that the outcome will be successful. The dishes you serve may be basic or complex, the ingredients may be roasted, boiled, steamed simmered or simply fried. At every stage of the preparation you can rely on the kitchenware supplied by MKN. We use only top-quality material that is designed and built by craftsmen and experts in their field.

From the general to the particular

In the final analysis it’s the working surface that represents the hallmark of any kitchen range. And this is where MKN plays its trump card. All our kitchen ranges are covered with 3mm of chrome-nickel steel. There are no awkward gaps or seams between the various elements, so they’re easy to clean. Our ovens are all fronted with triple-glazed doors that help to reduce energy costs and conform to the highest standards of hygiene in the field of catering. And this technology is also available in the V4A elements used in the FlexiCombi range, which is built using non-corrosive nickel steel.

Servo-power in the kitchen

All MKN kitchenware elements are housed under one seamless working surface, which makes it so easy to move heavy pots and pans around – from one cooking zone to the next. This design has the added advantage that the whole range is easy to clean, with innovative appliances to collect any by-products that might have a negative effect on operation or hygiene and safety considerations.

Variety is the spice of life

We should mention another plus-point that is typical for MKN solutions. All our kitchenware is designed to make optimal use of the area available. Our customers are always impressed by how easy and safe MKN equipment is to operate. At a later stage they register that their running costs (e.g. water, gas and electricity) are considerably lower. These are savings which, in the long run, make an investment in MKN equipment financially worthwhile. And, last but not least, let’s remember the long-term back-up service that MKN also provides. We’re always there to deal with any problems that might occur and suggest how improvements might be made.

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