How does MKN respond to the ever-changing requirements of professional kitchenware? How can we integrate the latest energy-saving technology into the equipment we deliver? Two questions and two simple answers. Look at our touchscreen solutions – they make everything so easy, whether you’re frying an egg or producing a five-course menu. And then look at the heat storage elements encased in our powerblocks – designed to reduce energy costs throughout the cooking process. And these are just some of the many innovations that MKN has introduced to optimise kitchenware solutions.

Basically, it’s the interplay between customer and manufacturer that governs MKN’s research and development. We know the market – after all, we have years of experience – and we also know our customers and what they want. But what we also have is the technological know-how to produce the kitchenware that our customers require. And this is our key to making your dreams come true. From the start – to the finish.

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