Over the years MKN has received many awards for its innovative technology and design solutions. The factors that led to this decision were overall quality, technical versatility, reliable delivery times and problem-free operation. All of these awards document the outstanding performance of MKN and its equipment – the very best in professional kitchenware „made in Germany“.



  Lower Saxony Foreign Trade Award 2018



  Best of Market in the category process optimization 2018



  Green Ribbon Sustainability Award 2018



  Top Hotel Star Award in the category "flexibility FlexiCombi Team" -2017



  Best of Market in the category "cooking technology" -2017



  Best Heavy Equipment Innovation Award for FlexiCombi Team -2016




  Best New Catering Equipment Innovation Award for FlexiCombi Team -2016




Top Hotel Star Award for SpaceCombi -2016




Product Excellence Award for SpaceCombi -2015



   Dr.-Georg-Triebe Preis for FlexiChef  -2015

        Award from the German consultant association  



  Best of Market in the category "cooking technology" -2015




  Asian Catering Equipment Award for FlexiCombi  -2015




  Fleischer Handwerk Award -2015

       Award from the German butcher industry




  Top Hotel Star Award for FlexiCombi -2015




  HGV Praxis Innovation Award for FlexiCombi -2015




  Product Excellence Award for FlexiCombi - 2014




   Grünes Band sustainability award for FlexiChef - 2014




  Gulfood Innovation Award for FlexiCombi - 2014




  FCSI Award for FlexiChef  - 2013




   Küche Award: user award for FlexiChef  - 2013




   Best of Market for FlexiChef - 2013




   Top Product for FlexiChef - 2013




   HGV Praxis Top Innovation for FlexiChef- 2012




  Internorga Zukunftspreis - 2012

        Internorga innovation award for FlexiChef




Top Hotel Star Award for FlexiChef - 2012




  Gulfood Award for FlexiChef  - 2012




  Großer Preis des Mittelstandes - 2011




  STAR Award - 2009




  KÜCHE Award - 2009




  Kitchen Innovations Award - 2008




  Superpartner - 2008








  Dr.-Georg-Triebe-Innovationspreis - 2005




Current issues

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