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Work-life balance and the compatibility of working hours and private life need improvement.

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Increase Speed and Efficiency in your Kitchen

"We used to start work at 5 am. Thanks to FlexiChef, we don't have to start until 7 am now."

Marcel Kettner, Kitchen Manager LaOla Central Kitchen Bautzen

FlexiChef reaches a new dimension of multifunctionality. Thanks to ReadyXpress it is three times faster than conventional cooking. That's what we call high speed cooking! Numerous additional unique features optimize all of your cooking processes and sustainably  increase the efficiency of your establishment.


Automatic and Easy Cleaning

A good reason to leave work early


  • the only automatic cleaning system for skillet pans
  • Intermediate cleaning in just 2 min
  • No need to hand wash skillet pans!
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  • automatic cleaning of MKN combi steamers
  • To start, just insert a cartridge!
  • Complete interior cleaning
  • Manual cleaning is never required

MKN Multifunctional Kitchen Technology

More thorough use of appliances offering more flexibility and productivity. Intelligent operating systems in the MKN FlexiChef and MKN combi steamers take the stress out of cooking. Processes can be automated and accelerated thanks to the MagicPilot operating system2.

MKN combi steamers
Outstandingly different

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MKN FlexiChef
The Multifunctional Appliance - Multi-Award Winner Worldwide

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Compared to the previous MKN system
Compared to the conventional MKN kitchen