Budget and Investment

Investment versus Return on Invest (RoI): invested capital has to pay fast returns

Our solution


MKN multifunctional technology coupled with appropriate MKN conventional cooking technology saves time and quickly pays for itself1.

10 % lower investment costs2

thanks to MKN multifunctional technology

Lower investment costs means reduced write-off

Improve your Company’s Cost Efficiency

Quality that lasts a Lifetime

Investing in durable, high quality products increases your RoI and pays off

in the long run

Quality and reliability are the gold standard of today and tomorrow.


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Excellent workmanship

Modern and innovative production methods

Extremely well-trained production specialists

Use of premium quality stainless steel

Further solutions

to your challenges

1  Compared to the conventional MKN kitchen
Let’s compare a multifunctional MKN retirement home kitchen against a conventional MKN retirement home kitchen. Both serve 150 residents two freshly cooked meals per day, 365 days a year