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The Multifunctional Appliance - Multi-Award Winner Worldwide

FlexiChef makes everything possible: cooking, frying, deep frying or pressure cooking. All with just one appliance offering maximum flexibility. FlexiChef reaches a new dimension of multifunctionality. The only horizontal cooking appliance equipped with an automatic cleaning system. Automatic cleaning in two minutes only! Thanks to ReadyXpress it is three times faster than conventional cooking. That's what we call high speed cooking! Numerous additional unique features optimize all of your cooking processes and sustainably increase the efficiency of your establishment. Would you like to find out how the FlexiChef can increase cost effectiveness in your kitchen? Please contact us now.


A high speed, gentle solution three times as fast as traditional cooking



With ReadyXpress you cook twice as fast as with conventional MKN pressure cooking technology and even three times faster as traditional cooking. You optimize all of your cooking processes and increase your productivity. This high-performance, high-speed appliance opens up so many new possibilities. *


HighSpeed throughout the production process



Total production times (heating up, searing, pressure build-up, pressure cooking, pressure release) using beef goulash as example with approx. specifications given in minutes.
*compared to previous system; ReadyXpress is optional.


The only automatic cleaning system for pans


Manual cleaning is a thing of the past. Automatic intermediate cleaning in only 2 minutes without using chemicals! SpaceClean revolutionizes time management and the level of hygiene in professional kitchens.



SpaceClean is optional, 2 minute intermediate cleaning plus setup time.



Operating system as simple as your smartphone. Intuitive and easy to use.


Chefs' knowhow inclusive. Thanks to automatic cooking processes. Food quality can be reproduced quickly and easily.


Step by step instructions for perfect results. Sharing the head chef's knowledge.

Optimized Efficiency

Automatic and easy to use.

Filling FlexiChef

Fully automatic
50 litres in three minutes only

Emptying FlexiChef

Clean without spillage and automatic, 100 litres in 90 seconds only

Precise Discharge

Precise automatic portioning with individual quantities specified in litres or volume

Zone 1

  • Flexizone Thermometer

    170 °C

  • Flexizone Uhr

    05:00 min

  • Flexizone Stufe


Zone 2

  • Flexizone Thermometer

    200 °C

  • Flexizone Uhr

    05:00 min

  • Flexizone Stufe


Zone 3

  • Flexizone Thermometer

    210 °C

  • Flexizone Uhr

    03:00 min

  • Flexizone Stufe


Zone 4

  • Flexizone Thermometer

    190 °C

  • Flexizone Uhr

    04:00 min

  • Flexizone Stufe


Freedom of Cooking

A complete meal in only one skillet pan? No problem thanks to FlexiZone. The skillet base can be divided in up to 4 zones, on each of which temperature and time are individually controlled (frying). This saves space, time and energy.*

*compared to previous MKN systems without FlexiZone



Turbo PowerBlock
powerful, efficient, low connected load


The smart energy management system provides 50% more output* during searing. Fast and reliable alike, it only supplies energy where this power is really needed. A first class performance with optimal energy consumption.


*compared to the previous system


FlexiChef TEAM

Doubly Good

As flexible as you are

FlexiChef Model Overview

Size 1

50 litres

Size 2

75 litres, standard
100 litres, deep

Size 3

100 litres, standard
150 litres, deep


All sizes can be individually combined to a FlexiChef TEAM.

Even more options

With FlexiChef accessories

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"FlexiChef keeps spirits
high in the kitchen."

Thomas Langlotz, Head Chef Lobetal e.V., Celle

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