MKN Junior

Size doesn't matter.
Performance does!

Compact, high-performance and multifunctional

Good things come in small packages! The Junior, MKN's smallest combi steamer shows you what it is made of during daily use. It achieves professional results with its capacity of 6 x 2/3 GN, high-performance features and practice-oriented application. The Junior is particularly suitable for producing smaller quantities of top quality food professionally and flexibly alike. It is an extremely efficient professional combi steamer and the ultimate station unit for every kitchen, whether in be in top restaurants, hotels, catering businesses, communal and system catering or front cooking. It is ideal for any kitchen* and complements the skills of every professional chef perfectly.



* taking specifications on site into consideration

Space-saving sensation

With a capacity of 6 x 2/3 GN and a width of 55 cm only


Its small dimensions make the Junior perfectly integrable.


As intuitive and easy to use as your smartphone!

Guided Cooking®

Numerous user support functions ensure consistent food quality every day.


Unpleasant odours, blue smoke and vapours are neutralized and steam is condensed. (Option in the Junior)


Automatic cleaning with two-in-one cartridge

Integrable as built-in appliance
Optimally integrable

The Junior is ideal for any kitchen*

Outstanding design and aesthetics are particularly important when a front cooking station is permanently integrated into a restaurant. This makes it even more essential that cooking equipment is seamlessly integrated into a kitchen to create the impression of a consistent and uniform design. The MKN Junior fulfills these requirements easily! Its small dimensions make it a real space-saving sensation that can be perfectly integrated into production processes.


* taking specifications on site into consideration

MagicPilot – Our operating concept
so intuitive and easy to use as your smartphone

Brilliant image representation,
with a full viewing angle from all sides

The MagicPilot Touch&Slide operating system is simply fun to use. Similar to a smart phone or tablet PC, you just operate the robust control display intutively and precisely with simple touch and swipe gestures.
This simple operating concept MagicPilot, various step by step instruction guides and further user support functions make the MKN Junior the perfect  partner in your daily kitchen routine. These features allow you to serve your customers and guests top quality dishes every day.


Guided Cooking
Your navigation system in the Junior


Chefs' know how inclusive thanks to automatic cooking processes. Food quality can be quickly and consistently reproduced


Scan the barcode and start the cooking process


Step by step instructions and assistance for the user; photos can be added


Cooking processes are saved as favourites on your start screen, for reproducible food quality


Video clips with operating instructions - Assistance at any time 365 days a year


Automatic quantity detection, consistent top quality, without core temperature probe

MKN Junior MagicHood

Enjoy cooking wherever you are*

Enjoy the freedom to cook anywhere*

The MKN Junior MagicHood is designed especially for use in front cooking stations, where unpleasant smoke and odours arise from frying and grilling. The Junior is not only small and compact, it also caters for a pleasant room climate regardless of whether you bake or grill. As well as condensing steam and vapours, MagicHood also neutralizes blue smoke, grease and unpleasant odours thanks to a  4-stage filter concept. The system can be used flexibly as an external exhaust air pipe is not required* and ensures that your guests  can enjoy their meals in a fresh and pleasant atmospere.


* taking indoor air quality regulations on site into consideration

Life Time Protection System

Automatic cleaning with two-in-one cartridge

WaveClean® (option) takes care of automatic cleaning. The system works extremely efficiently, hygienically and safely. A sealed two-in-one cartridge containing detergent and rinse aid ensures that even the smallest corner is automatically sparkling clean and water consumption is approx. 19 l only.






WaveClean® two-in-one Cartridges

Completely clean with one cartridge only


MKN Connected Kitchen® 
New means of communication

Connect appliances using smart technology

The MKN Connected Kitchen® cloud solution welcomes digitalization into professional kitchens and caters for a high level of standardization, increased efficiency, transparency and quality assurance. Maximum data security is provided by a reliable partner - Telekom.


This is how the MKN Cloud concept works

We offer MKN Connected Kitchen® as a safe, complete solution to digitize your professional kitchen. MKN Connected Kitchen® is based on the Telekom Cloud solution where all data can be safely and reliably stored. Information is transferred to the cloud by means of a gateway. Data can be accessed via tablet or PC at any time. A mutual data exchange takes place between the MKN Cloud and the kitchen appliances.

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