LSG Sky Chefs, Frankfurt

MKN above the clouds

The world's largest airline caterer, LSG Sky Chefs, is well aware of how important a delicious onboard menu is for the passenger. Their aim is to offer air passengers an outstanding experience on board which is both unique and completely in line with the values of the Lufthansa brand. A kitchen, producing exclusively for Lufthansa, has been opened in Frankfurt to meet the expectations of the air passengers with respect to innovative and modern onboard menus. LSG Sky Chefs now has one of the largest and most modern catering facilities of its type in Europe. Up to 77 000 meals are prepared daily for more than 50 000 Lufthansa passengers and meals for 340 flights are prepared in the impressive building in the Frankfurt-Gateway Gardens district. Around 2 400 employees work here with the latest MKN technology on a production area of 28 000 m².


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