LaOla Central Kitchen, Dresden

Tasty fresh food lights up children's eyes
Cooked with care and made to enjoy

At four locations in and around Dresden the LaOla Central Kitchen produces 16 000 meals every day for nurseries, day care centres, schools, companies and home care/nursing services. Owner Oliver Lorenz and his team attach great importance to healthy, balanced meals combined with friendly, competent service.


A canteen which is also operated at the Dresden site is regularly used by around 200 employees from neighbouring companies as well as local residents. Despite the heavy workload freshly cooked meals are delivered to all the establishments on time every day thanks to state-of-the-art multifunctional equipment. The children’s beaming faces as they tuck into the tasty fare make it all worthwhile.

My favourite appliance is definitely the FlexiChef. Pressure cooking and the self-cleaning programme make everything so easy. And that means we get our work done faster.



Marcel Kettner, Head Chef Dresden

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