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New markets, growing customer demands, a lack of skilled workers and many other branch developments require innovative ideas. With our MKN SpaceCombis, we have developed exactly the right devices that are specifically tailored to the requirements of the future. The fully fledged, compact-sized combi steamer offers the same functions as its bigger colleagues – but takes up significantly less space.

Every SpaceCombi® offers its own set of strengths when it comes to space, flexibility and independence. Kitchen technology –
made for you!

As flexible as you are
SpaceCombi® Model Overview

SpaceCombi 6.1 MagicPilot

Compact MP 6 × GN 1/1

SpaceCombi 6.1 

Compact CL 6 × GN 1/1

Magic Team

12 x GN 1/1


12 x GN 1/1

Gold award for MKN: The SpaceCombi Magic Team wins the Innovation Challenge 2021

Gold award for MKN: The SpaceCombi Magic Team wins the Innovation Challenge 2021

The space saving wonder

in the professional class

Space for good ideas!
Replete with professional benefits on a width of just 55 cm

One size suits all

Replete with professional benefits on a width of just 55 cm – this is the SpaceCombi®. This fully fledged combi steamer is 40%* narrower – without compromising on countless technical features.

With six GN 1/1 inserts, it also offers the same capacity as a full-sized combi steamer. With an intuitive Guided Cooking operating concept, automatic cleaning, an attractive design and many other advantages is the SpaceCombi® the perfect team player for your kitchen.


* Compared to the MKN FlexiCombi®

As flexibel
as market trends

Whether it’s cooking fish, baking croissants or preparing potato wedges or grilled chicken, the SpaceCombi® team makes sure you can always impress your customers with a wide array of dishes. The two separate cooking chambers can be controlled individually. For instance, food can be steamed in one cooking chamber whilst simultaneously baking something else in the other. A variety of different features, such as Guided Cooking, ensures consistent quality, supports the user and accompanies them through the entire process – all this with an appliance just 55 centimetres wide.


2X separate cooking chambers

2 cooking types at the same time

hygienic cooking chamber door

With closed triple-pane glazing

Professional Combisteamer

With 2 x 6 GN 1/1 inserts with a width of just 55 cm


Highest insert height below 1.50 m

Freedom, just the way I like it
Cooking without any additional ventilation system!

Cooking without limits. The SpaceCombi® Magic Team is completely self-sufficient thanks to its integrated MagicHood ventilation system. All you need to do is install, connect and get cooking.

The SpaceCombi® Magic Hood is not only small and compact, but also ensures a pleasant room climate. A multi-stage filter concept safely and effectively removes blue smoke, grease or unpleasant odours. Steam and fumes are also reliably extracted.

Guided Cooking
Guides the user through the cooking process


Informational steps as instructions and help for the user – photos can also be included"

Installation and maintenance
made easy



No gaps


just one central connection


No external exhaust pipe*

* not with SpaceCombi® Team

Connected Kitchen

The MKN cloud solution creates new channels of communication in professional kitchens. Of course, with Internet connection.

„The SpaceCombi is a full-featured Combisteamer and just 55 cm wide! Perfect for my kitchen, where space is in very short supply. I love it!“



Germany’s youngest Michelin-starred female chef



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