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Large Quantities and Endless Variety - Cost Effective Cooking

Commercial catering philosophy is evolving. Commercial and corporate caterers have become real service providers offering front cooking stations and self-service counters to name just a few. They aim to offer their customers perfect quality meals at any time. No easy task considering  ever-smaller kitchens, new food trends and constantly changing capacity requirements. An acute shortage of specialists and kitchen-trained staff make commercial kitchen management even more problematic. Gastronomy has seen a 50% drop in the number of apprenticeships over the last decade. Kitchen investments have to bring fast returns. MKN offers you  a multitude of individual solutions for efficient and professional cooking equipment. Contact us and learn how you can save ten percent investment costs using MKN's multifunctional MKN appliances and much more.




Plaza Staff Restaurant

Commerzbank Tower

Just as nobody can imagine Frankfurt’s skyline without  the Commerzbank Tower, the Commerzbank employees wouldn’t want to be without their glass-walled plaza as staff restaurant. 

The spacious, light-flooded plaza with restaurant and coffee bar seats up to around 400 guests. The Klüh Catering company, responsible for preparing meals for employees and visitors here, impresses everyone with its well organized fresh cuisine concept. Besides the conventional food servery counters there are front cooking stations as well as wok and promotion counters offering freshly cooked dishes every day. 

Despite a small production kitchen around 1 200 meals are produced daily. Offering a selection of 6-8 freshly prepared dishes every day is no mean feat. To meet this challenge, the team opted for a clever combination of MKN thermal appliances, consisting of  the multifunctional FlexiChef®, quick cooking kettles and MKN combi steamers..

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„We are extremely satisfied with the equipment and the cooking programmes are immensely helpful“

Matthias Prein, Klüh Catering Operations Manager

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MKN Appliances in use


The Multifunctional Appliance - Multi-Award Winner Worldwide

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